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10 Graphic Design Tools To Help Enhance Your Skills

Theory of Character Designer


This proofing software can assist a graphic designer in simplifying design changes and receiving client feedback. By providing a platform to share a design draft, this tool allows the client to mark specific locations they’d like to discuss and add commentary. The designer can then easily make changes and receive feedback from the entire project team until the design is completed.

2.Adobe Photoshop

This popular application provides graphic designers with a variety of tools for creating prints, patterns, and other designs. Photographers, advertisers, designers, and other professionals can use the platform to edit photos and create designs and graphics. Photoshop’s user-friendliness makes it popular among both experienced designers and those looking to learn new skills.

3.The filestage

Filestage is a design review tool. It allows designers to collaborate with all project team members and clients using a variety of file types, including images, PDFs or websites. Features like an integrated to-do list and project status updates make it easier to share feedback or edits across teams.

4.Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator allows designers to manipulate 2D or 3D graphics. Working in this platform, designers can complete projects ranging from single elements like a logo or symbol to entire design compositions. This means that graphic and web designers and other artists can use Adobe Illustrator for many types of projects.


Designers of all ability levels can use this photo editing application to create designs and change photos and movies. This tool, which has an app and a desktop version, links creators with simple features and an in-program creative community. Furthermore, PicsArt provides all functionality for free, differentiating it from other professional platforms and expanding accessibility for aspiring designers.


Desygner is a web-based illustration tool that allows users to drag and drop pieces and transform them with a single click. This application serves as a multi-purpose platform by providing a collection of useful images, templates, icons, and shapes. It also has a PDF editor to assist designers in manipulating and saving multiple file kinds.

7.Bold Design

DesignBold, while simpler than some other photo-editing software, has a wide range of usable design capabilities. It also includes a library of diverse layouts and tools to help you get started with the fundamentals of graphic design. The tool’s ease of use makes it suitable for both novice and professional designers.


Fotor provides a number of tools for enhancing photographs and creating promotional materials such as posters and cards. Users can use their own photographs or stock images from the application. The user can then add text, stickers, or revisions before saving their design to a cloud-based platform.


Logaster is a platform that specialises in the creation of online logos. Designers can develop several designs quickly and easily for use on business cards, social media, or other promotional materials. A designer can edit or download a logo after it has been created. They can also utilise the simple platform as a source of inspiration to create several logos.


This Mac and Web-based software enables users to easily create designs. This application prioritises cooperation by providing artboards, shared text, pixel accuracy, and other capabilities. This facilitates design, creation, and feedback-based revision.

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