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In Arena Animation JM Road,

there are many creative career courses and to enhance that,

many Creative facilities are provided and activities are taken to encourage students.

In Arena Animation JM Road, every faculty is highly experienced and well trained. Every faculty loves to teach and encourage students. There are many advanced-level gadgets like Projector screens, high-tech editing machines, pen tabs, etc used by faculties to teach students.

We at Arena Animation JM Road provide High Quality Pen tabs for each PC so that students can practice independently

We at Arena Animation JM Road provides free sketching classes for all the students who had enrolled in any of our courses. 

In Arena Animation JM Road, there’s a huge computer lab where you can practice. 

We had built an Advanced Chroma Room Green Screen. Students can practice and create awesome VFX videos and also can take the guidance of experts in creating content.

In Arena Animation JM Road, we have built an awesome library where students can read field-related books and enhance their knowledge 

We have:
Industrial knowledge books

Motivational Books.

Freedom fighter books

software knowledge books and more >>


100% Education Loan

If you want to join anyone of our courses, you can raise an instant loan in just 15min.

Game Zone

We had a newly Launched Game zone in Arena Animation JM Road. In Game Zone we have [ Playstation 5 , X box one, VR gaming ]. Game zone we built to encourage parents and students about the opportunities and careers in this sector. 

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