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Avatar 2: The Way Of Water So Far

5 Things We Know About Avatar 2: The Way Of Water So Far

1.The actors required specialised training for the film:

Because scuba equipment would have interfered with the mo-cap technology, all of the key performers for Avatar 2: The Way Of Water had to train intensively in the skill of free-diving. Kate Winslet did all of her own underwater stunts and practised holding her breath for seven and a half minutes.

Even the younger cast members, who play Sully and Neytiri’s pre-teen offspring, were trained in scuba diving and, according to Cameron, delivered remarkable performances in the dive tank.

2.The Film Was Shot Underwater:

One of the most amazing features of Avatar 2: The Way Of Water is where it was shot. James Cameron was not satisfied with simulated underwater filming; he desired the real thing.

Cameron and his crew created a unique underwater motion capture technology exclusively for this film franchise, which will change the way future underwater films are created. The company developed a 900,000-gallon water tank for all of the sequels, allowing them to create different types of water conditions for specific scenarios.

3.Several New Actors Have Joined Avatar 2 And Beyond:

Aside from the returning cast members, several new actors have joined the Avatar universe for Avatar 2 and the subsequent sequels. Most notably, Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel will make his series debut.

Michelle Yeoh and Kate Winslet from Titanic will also appear. Kate Winslet will collaborate with James Cameron for the first time since Titanic was released in 1997. It’s fitting that the star of the third highest-grossing film of all time is reuniting with the director who gave birth to it, especially for such a large project as Avatar 2.

4.All The Core Stars Are Returning:

All of the original cast members are under contract for prospective sequels, so fans may expect to see many of their favourites return in the upcoming picture. Zoe Saldana will resume her role as Neytiri, and Sam Worthington will reprise his part as Jake Sully.

They are scheduled to appear in all future sequels. Stephen Lang will also appear in the film, and his character will serve as the major adversary in several sequels. Signourney Weaver’s original character perished in the first film, but she will reprise her role in Avatar 2.

5.The Sequels Were All Written at the Same Time:

Surprisingly, all of Avatar’s proposed sequels were written concurrently. Cameron collaborated with a great writing team that included Josh Friedman, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, and Shane Salerno.

The crew employed an approach similar to storyboarding to develop the basic framework for each film to ensure cohesiveness. Cameron wanted everyone of his writers to be as committed in the sequels’ creation, even if they weren’t personally authoring them. This method of concurrent creation ensured that everyone was on the same page.

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