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Artboard Painting

Many of our students are interested in Artboard painting. So we created a wall where they can hang their artboards.

About Artboard Paintings

Artboard painting refers to the creation of digital paintings or illustrations using artboard software. An artboard is a digital canvas that allows artists to create, organize, and store their digital artwork. The artboard software provides a variety of tools and features for painting, such as brushes, color palettes, layer management, and more.

Artboard paintings are created using a stylus or a mouse and can be edited and adjusted at any time, making the creative process much more flexible and efficient compared to traditional mediums such as oil painting or watercolor. The final product can be exported in a variety of file formats, making it easy to share and print.

Overall, artboard painting is a popular and convenient method of creating digital artwork, offering artists the ability to produce high-quality illustrations and paintings quickly and easily.

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