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Clay Animation

What is Clay Animation ?

Clay Animation is one of many types of Stop Motion Animation; it can be a character or a background. It is also known as Plasticine Animation since it is composed of plasticine clay. Each character is sculpted from clay and then put on the set to show, and images are taken before it is moved.

Clay Animation

Traditional animation is also done by creating clay models and filming each frame and still image. It produces the appearance of motion by playing back the series of slightly changing images of motion in preparation for the following shot until the animator has achieved the necessary amount of film.

Stop motion animation is highly beneficial and tedious when using this animation. The object must not be little or shorter, dirt or dusty. This type of animation can take numerous forms, including character clay animation and freeform clay animation, in which the character is maintained throughout a shot with the camera shooting a frame at the end to reveal the movement.

Another benefit ofthis animation is that it blurs the line between traditional flat animation and stop motion animation. Stop motion animation is commonly found in cartoons and children’s films. It is the method through which they move the clay characters and record the stop motion.
There are numerous advantages to this animation.

It has distinct characters with a variety of physical animation looks. Will Vinton has improved this Animation process. It allows you to make 3D, realistic models to illustrate the correct position of the models; it is made in true 3D space and physically moved by hands to record the things.
Motion graphics is another sort of 2d animation, as are clay modelling techniques such as oil-based clay, polymer, Dough, and pottery.

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