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animation courses in pune
animation courses in pune
animation courses in pune

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animation courses in pune

3D Animation

graphic design courses in pune

Graphic Design

VFX Courses in Pune

VFX ( Visual Effects )

Ui ux courses in Pune

3D Animation

Game design Courses in Pune

3D Game Design

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Welcome to Arena Animation JM Road Pune

About Arena Animation JM Road Pune

Arena Animation JM Road is prior institute for Animation and VFX in Pune. We provide a large variety of Animation and VFX Courses located in Pune district. You will experience an 80%  practical and 20% theory-based curriculum. Every student is taught from the basics of the respective course. Sketching classes are compulsory for each and every student no matter which course he belongs from. 

Infrastructure is well and good and inspired by historical legends and every wall here tells its own story. Practical labs are well maintained and each PC has its own respective pen tab. The Practical lab also contains a library where students can read books when they want to learn something about things related to fields. For entertainment, there’s a gaming room that is themed for gamers and streamers. You can play PS4, X-Box, PC games here and many competitions are held for e-sports.

About Faculty, in Arena well-experienced faculty is been hired which provides all the industry knowledge up to date and keeps an eye on each student’s assignments.

We contain both short term and long term courses and fees are affordable according to respective courses. 

Also Arena Animation JM Road is considered as one of the best Animation and VFX institute in Pune.

Why graduation is important in Animation and VFX?

Degree in Animation

Graduation is crucial for individuals pursuing a career in the animation field. Animation is a highly specialized and competitive industry that requires a comprehensive understanding of both artistic and technical skills. Graduating from an animation program provides individuals with a well-rounded education in the various aspects of animation, including character design, storyboarding, visual effects, 3D modeling, and animation software.

Moreover, animation programs provide students with hands-on experience in creating animation projects, which helps them build a strong portfolio of work. A robust portfolio is critical for individuals to showcase their skills and experience to potential employers, and it can significantly increase their chances of landing a job in the field.

Furthermore, graduation provides students with the opportunity to network with industry professionals and establish connections that could lead to job opportunities in the future. Many animation programs have partnerships with major animation studios, allowing students to gain access to internships, mentorship programs, and industry events.

In summary, graduation is essential for individuals pursuing a career in the animation field as it provides them with a well-rounded education, hands-on experience, and networking opportunities. These factors can significantly increase their chances of landing a job and succeeding in a competitive industry.

We provide degree courses in Animation and VFX industry via well known college
Datta Meghe Institute Of Higher Education & Research.

Graduation in Animation

A Brief information about Animation, VFX, Game Design and Graphic Design

What is Animation?

Animation is the process of creating the illusion of motion and change by rapidly displaying a sequence of static images that minimally differ from each other. This can be done through various techniques such as hand-drawn animation, computer-generated imagery (CGI), stop-motion animation, and others. Animation is used in many forms of media, including films, television shows, video games, advertisements, and more.

It requires a combination of technical skills, such as knowledge of software and animation techniques, and artistic skills, such as drawing, storytelling, and character design. Animators bring stories and characters to life through movement, expression, and visual effects.

What is VFX (Visual effects)?

Visual Effects (VFX) is the use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and other techniques to enhance or simulate real-world environments, characters, and special effects in live-action films, television shows, and other forms of media.

VFX artists use a combination of computer software and traditional effects techniques to create seamless and believable effects that support the story and help bring the director’s vision to life.

The process of creating VFX can be complex and involves several stages, including pre-production, shot planning, on-set supervision, 3D modeling and animation, compositing, and post-production. The field of VFX is constantly evolving, with new technology and techniques being developed all the time, making it a challenging and exciting area of the film and television industry

What is Game Design?

Game Design is the process of designing and creating video games. It involves defining the concept, mechanics, and rules of a game, as well as creating its story, characters, levels, and assets. Game Designers work with teams of artists, programmers, sound designers, and others to bring their vision to life.

They must have a strong understanding of game mechanics, player psychology, and game balance, as well as the ability to communicate their ideas effectively. In addition to designing the gameplay and overall experience, Game Designers may also be involved in testing and iterating on the design throughout the development process.

The field of Game Design is constantly evolving, with new technology and advances in game engines and platforms leading to new opportunities for creativity and innovation.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, imagery, and color. Graphic Designers use various design elements and tools to create visual representations of information and ideas, often for advertising, marketing, and digital media.

They may work on projects such as logos, branding, packaging, print materials, websites, and social media content. Graphic Designers must have an eye for aesthetics and be able to effectively communicate their ideas through their designs.

They should also have knowledge of design software and techniques, color theory, and typography. Graphic Design is a constantly evolving field, with new technology and design trends leading to new opportunities for creativity and innovation.

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Arena Animation JM Road Launches Degree Courses ( B.voc) In VFX, Animation & Multimedia.

creative minds logo

Creative minds is a Competition held among all the Arena Animation students across India. Many of our students won medals and Prizes in Stop motion, Character animation sequence and in Movie poster making. 

The Rise Of

Media And

Advertising, Print, Television, Outdoor, Film Making, Animation & visual effects, Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, Gaming and Digital are some of the booming sectors of Media and Entertainment Industry. The industry itself has proven to be instrumental in other allied industries like architecture, technology, Life Sciences, Archaeology and many more.

Arena Animation equips its students with job-ready, industry-relevant skills for the Media and Entertainment industry through: 

  1. Latest Tools & Technologies 
  2. Skill enhancement 
  3. Real-Time exposure via formal and informal events 
  4. Pre-interview preparations
Akshay Malape

Akshay Malape

For 3D Modeling in Maya

For July 2022


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Ritik Awale
Ritik Awale
Best ever place to learn the vfx and animation industry. Teachers here let's you explore and help to get ready for jobs.
Supportive staff and great experience
Omkar Golhar Animation
Omkar Golhar Animation
The institute is very good. They have professional teachers like Amit Gunjal Sir and supportive staff members. Institute looks so nice and they have got a really good infrastructure.
Mihir Dehane
Mihir Dehane
Decent and good place
Pravin Mhaske
Pravin Mhaske
Excellent platform to enhance skill of animation
Sharayu Mhaske
Sharayu Mhaske
Best education of animation is provided which is appreciable 👍
Karishma Thete
Karishma Thete
Bestest institute to learn animations and vfx in pune
I loved the concept of learning and enjoying here

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-Placements Cell-

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