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creative world of vfx

Creative world of VFX ( Visual Effects )

                              How did they rebuild the Taj hotel so fast as I have seen the 26/11: attack on Mumbai last night only? Is there really any world like shown in Avatar movie? How did even Bahubali climbed this big waterfall and is it in real? what is creative world of vfx ?

                               If you also get this type questions in your mind while watching or after watching a movie then you are entering in the creative world of VFX. All these questions can be solved with the help of VFX.

                               Making these pieces of TV, movies and ads is difficult, it takes a tremendous measure of time, labor and PC power, just as a significant degree of specialized expertise. While these requests are shrouded in numerous distributions, there is one under-examined region that is no less significant: the creativity that makes these visuals stick out.

VFX includes the joining of true to life film which look reasonable, however would be hazardous, costly, unrealistic, tedious or difficult to catch on film. VFX today is vigorously utilized in practically all motion pictures created.

The most noteworthy netting film ever, Avengers: Endgame (2019), utilized VFX widely. Around a lot of the film used VFX and CGI. Other than films, TV series and web series are likewise known to use VFX.

VFX world is full of creativity, turning a simple scientist into a big green monster within a second. VFX is not as easy as we think, there are different job titles in VFX which helps to complete a project in less time with more creativity in it. Some of the important processes in VFX are: – Motion capturing, Matte painting, Animation, Rotoscoping.

Motion capturing:

                         Motion capturing is actually recording the movement of objects or people. As per the name it records the action of different human actors and people which can be later used to give movement to the animated characters or objects in 2D or 3D.

In filmmaking & gaming industry it is also known as match moving process. Some movies with great motion capturing are Avatar, War for the planet of apes, Transformers, Avengers infinity war etc.

Matte painting

                  Matte painting is very helpful and cost saving process in film making. It helps to create a scene or illusion which is not actually on the set of film making. It also helps in many wide scenery scenes or number of buildings in a town which is not actually there at the location but we can see it in the movies like Krrish 3 & many more.

                  Generally, matte canvases were made by specialists utilizing paints or pastels on enormous sheets of glass for coordinating with the surprisingly realistic film. By the mid-1980s, progressions in PC illustrations programs permitted matte painters to work in the computerized domain.


              Animation is the process where characters or objects are drawn on the drawing sheets & later on are animated using computerized software’s. There are two types of animation 2D & 3D Animation.

             Animation is not only for kids or cartoons, nowadays it is been used in daily life in fact we can see the animation in news channel too. We can also see animation in our mobile phones while using animated GIF to send some message. Animation includes character designing, story boarding etc. Super heroes in cartoon and movies, there fantastic suits and powers are all part of Animation.


             Rotoscoping is a process where animators trace over the motion picture footage which helps it look like a realistic action footage. In the enhanced visualizations industry, rotoscoping is the procedure of physically making a matte for a component on a true to life plate so it could be composited over another background. Chroma key plays an important role in rotoscoping as it is done faster with less work.

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