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history of film industry

History Of Film Industry

In film industry Hollywood (The United States Cinema) is the oldest Industry. However, the very first projected moving pictures was presented to a paying audience by Lumiere Brothers in Paris (France) in December 1895. Earlier to that the first public Kinetoscope Demonstration took place in 1893.

Kinetoscope was invented by Edison Company. In 1891 Edison Company demonstrated the first successful prototype of the Kinetoscope due to which it enabled to watch a moving pictures single person at a time. They used their own made device using camera, projector and film printer all in together.

Earlier films used to be very short, it used to be a few minutes long or less. The film subjects used to include activities in the society, Events happening all over world, short comedies, views over abroad lands, cultural programs etc.

By 1914 film industry saw a sudden rise, many nations formed their film industries. During this peak time Europe and Russia were seen the most dominant nations in this industry. America at that time was not seen as much important in film industry.

With this sudden rise films got evolved. The lengths of movies got a bit longer, storytelling or narrative movies got most dominant forms in film industry. People got to pay for the movies so willingly that the industry got ready to invest more in their particular productions, broadcasting and exhibitions. So big studios were built to produce cinemas on bigger scale.

Then the first world war happened and immensely affected the European film industry, then in this time period American film industry grew rapidly. Since when Hollywood grabbed the major importance in film industry.

At that time adding color to a movie was a quiet tough task. Color used to get added by hand coloring, tinting, toning and stencilling. Then by 1906 color separation principles were used to produce ‘natural colors’ moving images with the Kinemacolor process which was first presented to public in 1909. It was firstly used for documentary movies such as ‘OUR KING AND QUEEN THROUGH INDIA’ which was also known as THE DELHI DURBAAR of 1912 and it was 2 hours long.

The first attempt of adding synchronized sound to projected moving pictures used phonographic cylinders/discs.The Jazz Singer (1927 USA) was the first feature length movie with synchronized dialogues. It used the Warner Brothers’ Vitaphone System. During 1930s all the feature length movies were featured with synchronized sound and some of them were featured in full color too.

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