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The Power Of Cinematography

Cinematography is the presence of camera. This gives much influence over a film. It is the art of one perfect shot for photographing films. It is that skill of a cinematography which combines visual artistry. Cinematography is the mysterious aspects of film making. Cinematographers create the widescreen compositions. It is the way in which shot is framed.

To tell a story on film it is not about to record the action. It is also about the pictures are captured in the film so that it is called cinematography. In simple terms the art of photography and a visual story telling in a television show. The main part of the cinematography is the camera angles that focuses on the depth of field, camera motion, selection of photos, their colour zoom and exposure.


A cinematographer is also known as director of photography because it sets and supports the overlook of a film. Cinematographer is responsible to ensure the every, element to support the story of a film. Film makers often choose to spend their majority of budget on high quality cinematographer for the best quality results on their big screen.

The main job of cinematographer it’s to look upon their choices which supports the director’s vision to the film. It also acts as a camera operator. There are so many duties and responsibilities of a cinematographer.

  • Right choice of a visual style for a film.
  • Camera setup for every shot.
  • Lighting for every scene.
  • The potential for every location.
  • Attends rehearsals.
  • Match the vision of the director.

So, these are the roles for the cinematographer they should think carefully about every shot, considering the lights and angle also the movement of the camera so cinematography is important it is the power of the film.

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