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Power of Animation Multimedia

Power of Animation Multimedia

Animation is a very important and very affordable option for all influencers. If you preferred telling the great stories and keeping them very simple. It can challenge your preconceptions. Good animations keep you occupied with your target audience. Animation can be attention-seeking and shareable. It gives several advantages.

Animation gives you the context to abstract concepts. It can explain difficult or complex concepts in a truly different way. That no video can release. So it doesn’t matter how complex or Sensitive the content is or the subject is animation can show you anything and everything in a very unique and memorable way. Animation can be more realistic, very flexible, and very creative.

Sometimes there are situations that are difficult, and expensive so that’s where animation can be invaluable it allows you to timesheet or shows them on large projects with very ease.

 Animation Characters are totally under our control. It can be molded to suit the audience and they can be used in any kind of artistic field like a 3d character can be used in creating a character in any particular game, can be used in making any video, click the image of that character from any angle, and many more.

Animation helps to understand better the visuals. It also allows you to communicate ideas rapidly and sharply. It is a cost-saving communication strategy.

Benefits of using animation

  1. It helps for visual understanding
  2. It omits unnecessary things
  3. It is a cost-saving Strategy.

It is the process of drawing, sketching, designing, Making Layouts and linking the photographic sequences which integrate in multimedia and in gaming. It involves the management of still images to generate the movement.

There 5 types of Animation :

  1. Traditional Animation.
  2. 2D Animation.
  3. 3D Animation.
  4. Motion Graphics.
  5. Stop Motion.

Traditional Animation:

In traditional animaton an animator is required to draw every single frame of any particular animation scene. Many of the animes are made via using traditional animation. In this method artists use light table which allows the artists to see the previous sketch from the top layer of the paper. Traditional animation is still in use in day to day life but its method is changed from physical paper to digital media.

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