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The Future of Animation Industry

28 June 2022: Animation is an ever-changing industry. You might have noticed that the animation has changed a lot from 80s to 22 nd century. Even its styled has evolved over the time. We first saw animation captured through camera by flipping the cards till today using high-tech software to make animation clip. We saw animation in movies and short clips. Now we see it in TV shows, ads, YouTube videos, and even on social media.

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If you look back years ago, you will notice the changes and development we have achieved in animation field. There are some points which are highlighted in this article.

Improvement in Quality and Design: Although its easy to assume that today’s animation quality is already at its highest quality, there Is no doubt that it will improve further more. JOE DIDOMENICO of apple head factory design studio says that the future of animation is now limitless. Over the years, new techniques and tools have allowed us to create things quicker and much better than before.

More TV shows for Public: due to pandemic, a perfect gap was created in the entertainment world which animation was ever ready to fill it. Animation has been in demand and part of the economy way before the pandemic, but this caused an enormous boom in Tv animation for children and adults.

And there are many more points which can be included further, but summing it up Animation industry is changing rapidly, it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. In an upcoming year you can expect to see even quickest changes as technology advances. With all of the animation trends happening simultaneously and quality becoming realistic more than ever, it is evident that the animation industry will be in demand.

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