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Top 5 Most Expensive Animated Movies

In this article we will know about the Top 10 Most Expensive Animated Movies. Animated movies takes a lot of time for produce and requires a best Animators from all over the corners of the world. So proportionally budget of movie also increases.

Since animated movies are kids favorite but now a days many adults too like to watch animated movies.

So let’s know about top 10 Most Expensive Animated Movies :

1. Tangled ( 2010 ) – 260M$


Tangled is the Most Expensive animated movie ever made. It surprised many people that just an animated movie can be this much costlier. Tangled made $591M in Revenue and earned $331 in Profit. So it was kinda worthy investment for investors. This movie is the combination of Handwritten Animation and digital animation so its was expensive.

2. The Lion King ( 2019 ) – 250M$ to 260M$

Lion King

The Lion King is the 2nd most animated movie ever made. This movie made collection of approx $1.663 billion. This movie was remake of the disney old movie with the same name.

3. Toy Story 3 ( 2010 ) – 200M$

toy story 3

Toy story 3 was made in the budget of 200M$. It took 5 years to complete the production of this movie. This movie made collection of approx – $1.067 billion.

4. Cars 2 ( 2011 ) – 200M$

cars 2

Cars 2 movie is based on the cars as per name. This movie was made in the budget of $120 million. This movie didn’t performed well after release. The collection of Cars 2 was $559.8 million.

5. Monsters University ( 2013 ) – 200M$

monsters university

This movie performed well as compared to Cars 2. The budget of Monsters University was approx 200M$ and this movie made collection of $743M

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