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What is Photo Manipulation

What is Photo Manipulation?

Photo Manipulation is the process that involves transformation and also altering the pictures / Photos by using different methods and techniques to get the best results. They are very attractive, Skilfully artwork. It improves the appearance of a person or simply as an entertainment mode.

It also is considered an art form because of the unique images and the creativity that because of the unique images and the creativity that develops expressions of art by the photographic artist.

Ansel Adams developed some common photo manipulations using various methods and techniques like darkroom exposure, darkening and lightening a photograph including retouching images, double exposure, painting, and, airbrushing through the uses of software to manipulation can be done. We can do photo manipulation of digital images from professional applications.

It is the composition of the images that combine together to make single picture photography and the technology made all things possible.

In the 20th century, there was digital retouching of the images by running the paintbox too in professional environments and now we have replaced the editing software for the purpose of graphic design using software such as adobe photoshop and GIMP.

Manipulating the images by using tools and techniques in the software is skill-intensive and time-consuming and creates more visual proportions that are widely used in social media apps. Photo manipulation is the art that can be transformed by changing the age or gender of the subject of anu required content or image by modifying their facial expressions.

Photo manipulation is a type of advertising fashion and glamour photography that enhance the appearance of the subject. It has also been used in the fashion designing industry because makeup and piercing can also be edited into pictures along with fixing the impressions like skin wrinkles and smoothing features.

Photo manipulation has been the rise of social media everyone has easy access to edit pictures. We have so many mobile applications for editing images. They can edit virtually. It is also used in advertisements for television and also commercial magazines to make their person and product look better.

By using tools and software we can render the image, create a shadow and give them the proportion, apply the texture to every image, and also use a color combination of images. We can change it digitally by giving the certain effect that changes are typically done through photo editing. It has its specific way or feels a certain thing.

If you want to learn Photo Manipulation in a professional way then feel free to contact us.

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