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What is Motion Graphics

What is Motion Graphics?

The term MOTION GRAPHICS was firstly used by the animator John Whitney.

John Whitney later on laid the foundation of MOTION GRAPHICS INC. in 1960. It was founded to create movie titles and motion picture sequences. But this term was dated back before the electronic media, going back in the time in 1800’s with the demonstration of Flipbook which was. Called as Kineograph.

To simplify Motion Graphics is any type of graphics that uses technology to demonstrate an illusion of rotation, motion or transformation with which it can communicate through video and audio narration.

Text animation, movies, videos, web-based animation comes under motion graphics. And the constant improvement in technology it resulted the quick evolution of this field.

In 21st   century motion Graphics is a very popular industry. A motion graphics designer has training in traditional graphic design or whether that person comes from film or animation backgrounds. That person should have a basic knowledge of typography, images, sound and colors to become a well skilled motion graphics artist and to learn the necessary software programs as well.

Motion Graphics were way too much expensive before computers were widely available. The availability of more user-friendly software the industry has been upgraded a lot. For Motion Graphics Artists there are so many more tools available, and there is a decent learning curve. Thus, it became easier to learn and explore.

Adobe AFTER EFFECTS is one of the leading software used in motion graphics industry. AFTER EFFECTS allows designers to create and modify Graphics over the Timeline. In Web Design industry Adobe FLASH is widely used.

And in 3D Industry software like CINEMA 4D, MAXON has featured various tools and does a good integrated work with After Effects and Photoshop. Autodesk Combustion, Apple Motion/Shake and Nuke are some of the other programs used for it.

And some 3D programs are Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max, Newtek Lightwave and Blender among many other programs.

The Motion has evolved dramatically with the evolution of technologies and especially with the rapidly growing internet. With the help of internet connection designers can work from anywhere, and still can complete deadlines with the use of the internet connection.

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