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Types of Colours:

There are three types of Colours:

  1. Primary Colour
  2. Secondary Colour
  3. Tertiary Colour

The primary colour are Red, Yellow and Blue. The secondary colour are Green, Orange and Purple. The tertiary colour is the combination of primary colour and secondary colour.

Types of colors

1.Primary Colour :

Primary colours can be mixed to make other colours. Red, Yellow and Blue are the three traditional primary colours. The primary colours of television screens and computer monitors are Red, Green and Blue.Printers and paints use Magenta, Yellow and Cyan as their primary colours they may also simply called Red, Yellow and Blue.
Some examples: Colour printing, Painting, Displays.

2.Secondary Colours:

A colour produce by mixing two additive primary colour in equal proportions. The secondary colours are Cyan a mixture of Blue and Green, Magenta a mixture Blue and Red. And Yellow a mixture Blue and Red. Each secondary colour is also the complementary colour or complement of the primary colour whose wavelength it does not
contain. Thus cyan is the complement of Red, Magenta is the complement of Green and Yellow is the complement.
Some examples:
Red and Yellow make Orange
Red and Blue make Purple
Blue and Yellow make Green

3.Tertiary Colours:

A Tertiary colour is also called intermediate colour the tertiary colour made with mixing full saturation of the primary colour and CMYK and RGB is used in tertiary colour.

There are 6 Tertiary colours:

  1. Red-Orange
  2. Yellow-Orange
  3. Yellow-Orange
  4. Blue-Green
  5. Blue-Violet
  6. Red-Violet

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