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5 types of animation

5 Types of Animation

There are many types of animation. In this article we will learn about 5 most popular animation types in brief :

Traditional animation

traditional animation

Traditional animation is also called cell animation. In this animation type, an animator needs to draw every single frame of the video clip by hand to complete the scene. In this technique, the animator uses a light table to see the previous drawing through the top layer of paper. Tom and jerry, old animes, classic mickey mouse etc are the best examples for traditional animation.

2D Animation:

2d animation

2d Animation is generally vector-based animation. This type of animation can also be done frame by frame like cell animation but artists created rigs for the characters and move single body parts at a time rather than redrawing the characters constantly. Oggy and the coachroaches, ben 10, etc are some of the examples for 2d animation.

3d Animation:

3d animation

3d animation is currently the most commonly used form of animation which is also known as computer animation. In 3d animation, the work for animators is less with drawings and sketches but more work to do with moving characters in a program. To create 3d Graphics there are many softwares in which some are very popular like blender 3d, Maya, max 3d, and many more.

Motion Graphics:

motion graphics

Motion graphics is based on animations made with graphic elements, shapes, and text rather than characters and storylines. This type of graphics are used extremely in advertisements. Also promotional videos to grab the attention of viewers on a mentioned niche in the video. Mostly creators use after effects for motion graphics.

Stop motion

stop motion

Stop motion is similar to cell ( traditional animation ) animation. In stop motion, animators collects a series of still images that are little bit different to show the movement. Stop motion is also called as stop frame animation and best example for stop motion is shown in Shaun the Sheep.

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