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Broadcasting is a professional Field. It is the way of distribution of any audio or video-related content via any electronic communication medium by using the electromagnetic spectrum. It became popular around 1920 with the spread of vacuum tubes or radio transmitters and receivers.

It is associated with radio and television. It is distributed by cable television. It also includes the general public in receiving parties. It has both government-managed services such as public radio. Transmitting and broadcasting are not the same.

The term broadcasting has evolved from its use for the agricultural method of sowing seeds. It’s applying 1 to 1 many radio transmissions. It early consisted of sending telegraph signals over airwaves. So later they develop an electric telegraph system with the control of an electromagnet.

It was particularly important from ship to ship and ship-shore communication. But it becomes important for general and business news reporting and also for personal communication. I was composed of analog signals and transmissions. It has switched to digital signals. By using digital transmissions for various sources to the general public.

Telephone broadcasting also grew to include telephone newspaper service. Radio broadcasting is also grown up. It has audio signals and radio networks to broadcast radio programs.

Direct broadcast satellite: It is meant for direct home-to-home broadcast programs. It provides network links. It also has satellite radio programming. The broadcast can be considered recorded or live.

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