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Motion Graphics Design

It is also known as motion Design, in which we give us motion to the graphics. It is the subset of graphic design in which uses all the principles of graphic design in any of video production or filmmaking context through the use of some techniques of animation which as 2d or 3d animation.

 It is very easy to use and create interfaces. Animation plays a very important role in enhancing the user experience and adds a powerful option for the visual story. Motion graphics design is specially used to create artwork for the web, television, of film making. It includes sequences, Movies clips, movie teasers, or movie trailers. It also used the techniques of visual effects and animation. The chance of finding a job in motion graphics is very good.

Graphic design is work with still images either in print media or digital media such as posters, books cover, magazines, brochures, etc. Once there is movement then graphic design becomes motion graphics. The demand for animation and motion design is rising. Many companies have started their own brands, digital products, and social media strategies. There are so many essential skills that you need as a motion graphic designer.

  1. Graphic design skills
  2. Traditional art skills
  3. 3d design skills
  4. Understanding of color theory and typography
  5. Creative thinking
  6. Technical skills etc.

There are three types of motion graphics

  1. Explainer videos- These define a concept, product, or any service.
  2. Promotional Videos that help to sell a product or any event or service.
  3. Emotive videos that help to move the audience to feel something.

Motion graphics is the right choice for the visual content, a combination of factors including what audience you are trying to reach use your vision for that particular content you have to fully capture the user experience you have to pick and choose what they prefer of the interactive content.

Motion graphics can be fast forward or rewind, skip options though. It will be the interesting part when the viewers will probably just watch the video from beginning to end. They are likely to see and hear everything. Well cragted motion graphics are so effective for keeping audience attention videoscan achieve the success no matter what kind of story you tell.

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